Unique Features

Open Plan Living

Specially designed to have spacious open-plan indoor living area that flows seamlessly to an adjacent outdoor space. It’s a fundamental part of a modern family schemes which incoporates all aspects of living, most importantly is family interactions.

Natural Light

Designed deliberately with large openings to make the most of natural light to comes in at every opportunity. Bright and airy homes are the most wanted goal for living these days, and it’s not hard to see why, it’s mood lifting, creates vibrant feeling and lights up every corner of your home.

Bay Window

This concept will definitely make your room more spacious and the touch of wood element creates warmth and gives the atmosphere of this home an instant lift. It lets even more light comes in as well as adding perfect bits to your entire aesthetics. 

Massive Cornerless Window

The artful use of glass will always keep things refreshing, such as these huge cornerless windows in your home. It will give you the lavish feeling of an elegant and flawless area that has been drawned by absolute attention to detail.

Maximizing Space

Bowled over by its minimalism and clean concept,  the space is fully optimised, as we always managed  to sieve out cool spots  for storage and displays, making it super functional!

Air Circulation

Designed specifically with large openings to allow the air circulates naturally at its best. This is the simplest way to improve your indoor air quality and it will give the refreshing breezes and relaxing feeling of a bright and airy home.

Energy Saving

 Well-thought-out design which lets the air comes in easily optimises the temperature in your home without any air conditioner.

It also leads to give your home natural lights from the morning til dawn, making it always bright even without lights.

Waste Management

We’ve got you covered with all the problems you didn’t know you are creating to this earth. The trashes are already divided and will be delivered to the right hands that can recycle and reuse.

Then the rest of it will go to geo-cycle for further processing,thus nothing goes to waste and none will harm human’s health.